In short, you’ll need a physician’s letter of recommendation and a completed state application to apply for a medical marijuana card.

Each of the states we serve, including Oklahoma, Michigan, Illinois and Oklahoma, allow patients to apply to become medical marijuana cardholders online. In the past, we had to mail things in, and do physician evaluations in person. This has changed over time, and now the entire process is digital!

It varies from state to state. In general, you will need a proof of identity and proof of residency, as well as a physician’s letter of recommendation. Some states require a passport-style photo as well.

Most patients can complete our registration process in about 15 minutes and the physician’s appointment typically also takes around 15 minutes.
It depends on the state! Most states will mail you a wallet card in about 3-4 weeks. Luckily, some states send a temporary card through your email very quickly- within a few days!

Don’t worry, that’s by design! It is our goal to be the easiest and most stress-free medical marijuana certification service. We have certified hundreds of patients in each of our states!

Rest assured- COVID-19 has legalized telemedicine as a way to certify patients in ALL states that we serve!

No problem! If you have a physician, you can simply fill out a HIPAA release form allowing us to contact them on your behalf. If not, we can work with you to provide a solution!

Medical marijuana is our passion! It’s not a side gig or something we just sign off on like some other states. We are great with new patients, write our own content and offer lifetime marijuana support! We’re dispensary patrons ourselves and familiar with how marijuana is experienced by patients.