How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

Getting certified for your medical marijuana card in Michigan has become a streamlined process that can be almost entirely done online.

Michigan residents currently enjoy both recreational and medical marijuana options. However, recreational marijuana is subject to a 10% tax on top of the regular sales tax, while medical marijuana only has the sales tax added. This means that medical marijuana cardholders stand to save money on their medicinal plant purchases in Michigan.

With your card, you’ll have access to legal medical marijuana dispensaries, and at least during the pandemic, some medical marijuana companies will deliver your purchase directly to your door. Getting your medical marijuana doctor certification is easy through Green Minds Physicians. With our background and understanding of medical research on cannabis, we can help you determine the best path forward for your medical condition. 

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Qualifications for a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

To become a medical marijuana cardholder, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old, have a qualifying medical condition, and prove your residency in the state of Michigan. If you are a caregiver for a patient who is eligible to use cannabis as a treatment, you also can apply, and additional information is available if you’re registering as a caregiver of a medical cannabis patient since you’ll need your own registry identification card.

In Michigan, you’ll see distinctions between medical cannabis (or marijuana, or in the legislation itself, marihuana) and recreational or “adult-use” cannabis. You’ll want to review resources related to the MMMP, or Michigan Medical Marijuana Program.


Does My Medical Condition Qualify for Medical Cannabis?

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency of Michigan adds medical conditions to their list of qualifying conditions based on the latest scientific research and trials that determine how this medicinal plant can help human beings. Some of the medical conditions that can be treated this way include:

  • Cancer
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Hepatitis C
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Chronic Pain 

For an exhaustive list, visit the Michigan state government’s website that addresses the many possible conditions, just in case their list is updated.


Medical Marijuana Certification Process in Michigan

Michigan’s process for medical marijuana certification is fairly easy and simply requires that you get certified by a licensed cannabis doctor.

Step 1 – Make a Medical Marijuana Appointment with a Physician

While there have been many studies that show the promise of medical marijuana as a treatment, the medical community has varying attitudes toward prescribing or certifying that a medical condition is appropriate for marijuana as a treatment. Green Mind Physicians offers the benefit of being well-versed in what medical marijuana appointments look like and what needs to be evaluated to show the state of Michigan. They also recognize the science behind marijuana’s therapeutic impacts and provide a knowledgeable, weed-friendly experience. An online medical marijuana appointment is easy, affordable, and comes with a lifetime of support if you run into questions down the road.


Step 2 – Apply Through the MMMP’s Online Portal or Paper Application

Depending on your circumstances, you may want to use the online portal and upload the verification documents, or you may find it easier (especially as a caregiver) to mail the documentation needed to start your process for your medical marijuana certification ID card. Patient Only Registry Cards can be gotten online through a platform called Accela, and very detailed instructions are available here for using the system. You’ll also upload or mail your doctor’s certification at this point.


Step 3 – Wait for your Application Status to Change

Typically, online applications are reviewed within 15 days of being submitted, but if the MMMP has any questions, you will be able to address them when the status of your online application changes. When you’ve been approved, you may be able to use your approval email to purchase your needed treatment immediately, or you can wait until your mailed card arrives. In either case, you’ll need a photo ID along with your registry ID to purchase medical marijuana.


Step 4 – Visit a Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center

Adult-Use Marijuana Retailers and Medical Marijuana Provisioning Centers are different entities in Michigan, so use this map to find the provisioning center nearest you. You can evaluate whether they have home delivery by clicking on the dot on the map and seeing whether they answer the question “Home Delivery?” with “Yes” or “No.” While Michigan may choose not to continue allowing home delivery for adult use after the threats of COVID-19 pass, one can hope that for medical treatment, this valuable option will continue! If not, visiting a nearby provisioning center is also a convenient option.


Benefits of Medical Marijuana Doctor Certification Through Green Mind

As mentioned before, Green Mind Physicians make getting your medical marijuana doctor certification quick and easy, but our value doesn’t end there. If you have questions about regulations down the road, we’re likely a good resource because we keep up to date on medical marijuana regulations and rules so that we can help our patients access this needed treatment. 

We also offer programs that make our Michigan medical marijuana appointments accessible if you submit proof of low-income status like unemployment, Medicaid, or SSDI. We value offering long-term support to our patients in a way that we hope showcases our value. We know that other medical marijuana appointments are offered through services like Veriheal, but we want to show you how we can offer a great patient experience.

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your physician will recognize valid science about marijuana’s role as a medicinal treatment. Work with our easy telemedicine portal to get the evaluation and information you need today to start feeling better and experiencing the benefits of medical marijuana treatment in Michigan. Even in recreational-use legal states like Michigan, the benefits of lower taxes and an easy system for registering for your card can really make working through the medical marijuana program the way to go.