How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in New York

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in New York

The medical marijuana card process in New York is well established. It follows similar paths to the process in other states who have legalized medical cannabis. That being said, you still want to know the ins and outs of the process to make sure you get access to the therapeutic marijuana that will help mitigate symptoms and assist your healing. Following the process makes this faster and easier. 

Who Can Get a Medical Marijuana Card in New York?

Many states have had a list of qualifying conditions to receive a medical card, and only allow doctors to prescribe medical marijuana in those cases. However, New York’s change in regulations has removed this limitation. Instead, you can work with a qualified doctor to evaluate any condition and determine whether medical marijuana can be an excellent option for your treatment plan. They use clinical discretion as a guide rather than a single list of limits, which is good for the patient-doctor evaluation process. Working with a Green Minds physician, who are experienced in understanding medical marijuana as part of a treatment or healing plan, is a great start to your medical card application. 

Benefits of Getting a Medical Card

Opting for a medical card can give you consistent access to the products you prefer from the safe and reliable dispensaries in New York. Getting a doctor certification and registering for the card are small upfront costs that pay off in the access you get to reasonably priced products. For those who have never used marijuana as part of their treatment plan, the medical card gives you a chance to work with experienced dispensary employees to find what really works for you. 

Understanding the New York Medical Marijuana Application Process

If you’ve tried to get a medical marijuana card in the past and got lost in the process, don’t worry. The state of New York has streamlined their process, including their application within the broader portal for applying for all kinds of services through the state. Follow these simple steps to get the medical marijuana certification you need.

If you’re a caregiver registered on someone else’s behalf, you’ll follow a similar process. You will also register an account through After registering, the patient can designate you as a caregiver through their profile. 

Step 1 – Sign Up for a New York State Services Account if You Don’t Have One

While you don’t have to do this step before step two, you might find it helpful to sign up at and see all the services available there. Your personal account is a great place to start applying for a medical marijuana card. You will need to create a profile at in order to finish the registration process!

Step 2 – Have a Consultation With a Medical Provider About Medical Cannabis

Working with a medical provider is key to becoming a medical marijuana patient, since the doctor certification step is how the state knows you have a qualifying condition. New York has stopped restricting to a narrow list of symptoms or conditions. But, you still want to work with a medical provider who is familiar with the therapeutic uses of cannabis. Some doctors who aren’t particularly “weed-friendly” may not be interested in certifying you for a medical cannabis card, so it is wise to get an easy telehealth visit with Green Mind Physicians. Our fast virtual visits answer your questions about using marijuana as a medical treatment, and our understanding of conditions that benefit from marijuana as part of the treatment paln will help us confidently recommend you for your medical marijuana card.  

Step 3 – Use Your Certification Number on your Application for a Medical Card

The unique identification number on your doctor certification will be key to the next step. You will fill out your patient registration application on the state’s website. The application is linked to your New York State driver’s license or state-issued ID, ensuring that you are actually a resident of the state. Once you finish this application, you’ll receive a temporary registry card. Your temporary card works for purchases as long as you have your government issued photo ID. Seven business days later, your official patient or caregiver registry ID card will arrive. 

Step 4 – Get Home Delivery or Visit a Registered Dispensing Facility

Using the New York State list of registered dispensing facilities, you can find the dispensing facility near you and learn more about what they offer as far as medical marijuana products. In New York, you can find different products, including capsules, cannabis for vaporization, vape pens, and much more. Other products include oral sprays and powders, lozenges, and transdermal patches. The workers at your dispensing facility can talk through which kinds of product can work the best for you. Dosage recommendations vary but you need to keep your total supply purchased to less than a sixty-day supply. 

If you’re not interested in going into a dispensing facility yourself, many will do home delivery locally. Check and see if this option is available for you!

Get the Green Mind Physicians Advantage

Many doctors and other medical practitioners are still figuring out New York’s cannabis program. Getting your medical marijuana appointment from experienced physicians who understand medical cannabis has distinct advantages.

First, we’ve streamlined the process so that your initial appointment is quick but entirely focused on your needs and questions. You don’t have to spend time trying to convince us why medical marijuana is a better option than other treatments. We’ve extensively studied and understand all these therapeutic benefits already. 

Secondly, we offer a lifetime of support, recognizing that you may have questions over time. We offer compassionate care and stand fully behind the service we offer. Reach out to Green Mind Physicians for an appointment today!