How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon

How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon

While some might attempt to treat their qualifying medical conditions with recreational products, getting a medical marijuana doctor certification and registering for your medical card has some big benefits.

Oregon has been a pioneer along with other intrepid states both in the legalization of recreational marijuana and in streamlining a useful system for issuing medical marijuana cards. While some might attempt to treat their qualifying medical conditions with recreational products, getting a medical marijuana doctor certification and registering for your medical card has some big benefits. Taxes on recreational marijuana are quite high, and medical marijuana currently has no taxes on it, as it is a medical treatment. 

Get to know how easily you can submit the correct documentation, have a medical marijuana appointment with a physician from Green Mind Physicians, and become eligible for medical marijuana. You’ll be surprised how fast your application can make this needed treatment available to you. 

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Who Can Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon?

The biggest qualifications for your medical marijuana certification include having a medical condition that qualifies and is a resident of Oregon, as well as paying the $200 application fee. There are a few additional pieces of information you’ll need to submit if you want to register to grow medical marijuana. 

If the $200 fee is a hardship, people who receive SNAP, have eligibility for the Oregon Health Plan, receive SSI, or have served with the Armed Forces of the United States all have reduced fees for applying. Look into the necessary documents using the Oregon FAQ to make sure you don’t pay more than you need to pay. 


What Are the Qualifying Medical Conditions for Marijuana Certification?

Oregon’s specific list of qualifying medical conditions is focused on the scientific research that has been done as to when marijuana can be a therapeutic treatment that produces results. The conditions listed on the State of Oregon website include:

  • Conditions that produce Cachexia, severe pain, severe nausea, seizures, or persistent muscles spasms (your medical diagnosis may vary but these symptoms are considered qualifying conditions).
  • Cancer
  • Glaucoma
  • Degenerative/Pervasive neurological conditions
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

A knowledgeable physician will be able to help you understand the evidence that shows how these conditions respond to the medicinal plant as a treatment. 


Understanding the Oregon Medical Marijuana Application Process

Before you know it, you’ll be certified to purchase medical marijuana in Oregon, so just work through these 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – Work with a Physician

There’s nothing to fear from the doctor’s certification or the medical marijuana appointment you need to have. Instead, you just need a doctor who would be termed ‘weed-friendly in casual conversation. This means a physician who recognizes the strong scientific basis for medical marijuana as a treatment in particular conditions. 

Green Mind Physicians are a great example of doctors who understand the science but also want to streamline the process so that you can get the help you need. Because we’ve worked with patients in Oregon before, we understand the forms that need to be filled out and we can answer your questions about medical marijuana. We use a convenient telemedicine portal so you don’t even have to leave your home!

Step 2 – Submit Your Documentation to the State

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Online System makes it easy to submit patient and grower applications, and they’ll show you what the needed forms of documentation are to prove your residency. You’ll add your medical marijuana doctor certification to the portal or they will add it for you, and you’ll submit your documents, all online.


Step 3 – Receive your card through email

Oregon’s system makes it easy to get started purchasing your medical marijuana treatment at an Oregon Medical Marijuana Dispensary – you can find the ones near you here. To save you time, the receipt letter you receive through email is enough to purchase medical marijuana during the first 30 days after you send in a complete application. Once the application is reviewed fully, you’ll get your physical card in the mail. 

Occasionally, a document won’t be acceptable or you’ll need to make a revision to an incomplete application, but the system makes it easy to make revisions and get back on track. After that, once you have your physical card from the mail, you can take advantage of the legal limits in Oregon for OMMP patients.


The Advantages of Medical Marijuana Doctor Certification Through Green Mind Physicians

One of the major advantages of the medical marijuana card is the access to no-tax purchases of marijuana, as contrasted with the taxed recreational-use marijuana. These recreational tax rates also are still changing even in the past couple of years and could continue to go up. If you will be using marijuana therapeutically for a long duration, for instance as a treatment for a chronic condition, you’ll see a better overall cost by opting for your medical marijuana certification.

Becoming a medical marijuana cardholder can also open other doors, whether you want to grow your own in a high enough supply to keep you treated, or you benefit from a particular potency level in your marijuana treatment. You just have more options as a medical cardholder. 

Your Cannabis Doctors

Dr. Raneiro stands smiling in his scrubs
Dr. Wayne Raneiro, Green Mind’s Certified Oregon Physician


Dr. Eric Lee wearing his Green Mind Physicians labcoat
Dr. Eric Lee, Founder of Green Mind, Certified Cannabis Doctor


Green Mind Physicians sees that healthcare needs to be affordable, and that is why we offer a cheaper telemedicine appointment than many similar services like Veriheal. We focus on providing a great customer experience when you first come to us for Oregon medical marijuana doctor certification, but we don’t stop there. We also offer a lifetime of support on your medical marijuana journey, for free, because we believe that you deserve strong, informed medical advice.

We also work with patients who receive a low-income discounted fee due to loss of income or low-income status; you can learn more about this and other current promotions here. We know that improving your condition is important even when your ability to pay for medical care is reduced.

Do you have more questions about Oregon’s medical marijuana program and the benefits? During your medical marijuana appointment with Green Mind, ask any questions you have and we’ll be happy to point you to resources.