Illinois Medical Marijuana Patients! What’s New in 2022?

Hello world! 

Dr. Lee here. I’m here to talk about Illinois medical marijuana in 2022!

The marijuana world in Illinois is booming! If you’re a marijuana user, thinking about becoming a medical card holder, then you’re in the right place. I’m here to talk about the changes that I’ve noticed over the past year. 

The past year has brought numerous changes to the Illinois medical marijuana program and becoming a medical marijuana cardholder is now easier than ever! At the same time, there are changes in the Illinois marijuana world that make it more useful to be a medical patient. Let’s talk about the things that’ve changed over the past year. 

The Price to Become a Medical Patient Has Dropped

When I first became a marijuana doctor, certifying patients for medical marijuana, it cost $250 for a 3-year certification. We also had to fingerprint people! It was quite a process. Nowadays it’s half the cost thanks to a change last summer- it’s $125 for a 3 year certification. If you’re a veteran or have SSDI, then it’s only $75!

The Process to Become a Medical Marijuana Patient is All Online! 

It’s easier than ever to become a patient since there’s no need for a paper application to fill out. A lot of doctors out there still aren’t set up to certify their patients for medical marijuana using Illinois’ online system, but we are experts in completing the certification process. We even offer paperwork assistance, where we will fill out your side of the application too! Getting your medical certification from Green Mind Physicians is the easiest way to become a medical marijuana patient in Illinois.

No Medical Records Required to Become a Medical Patient

This one I love (and not just because it cuts my paperwork time). You don’t have to provide medical records to your certifying physician anymore! I like this because it puts more of an emphasis on developing a good relationship with a future medical card-holder. We’ve always placed an emphasis on understanding people and hearing about their journey with marijuana. 

Recreational Marijuana Prices in Illinois Are Still High. Becoming a Medical Patient Saves Money!

Illinois has some of the most expensive marijuana in the country! Many people using marijuana in Illinois have a qualifying medical condition and are already using marijuana to treat their symptoms. Buying marijuana from a dispensary as a medical patient saves money. It’s almost 40% for certain products in Illinois! 

Medical Marijuana Patients Don’t Have to Choose a Single Marijuana Dispensary

Back in the day medical marijuana patients in Illinois had to choose a dispensary to apply their benefits to. Sometime last summer, the state started letting people change that dispensary online for convenience. In the fall, they got rid of that bit altogether! Medical marijuana patients are no longer restricted to a single dispensary in Illinois, so having your weed card is more useful than ever. 

Flower Marijuana Has Some Moldy Surprises

In 2021, a fairly infamous story in Illinois news circles (and publicized by our homies over at subreddit r/ILtrees) is that marijuana from a certain distributor was found to be tainted with high amounts of mold! Gross! When you’re recreational, flower marijuana is more often than not the number one choice- recreational menus emphasize flower, it’s taxed less, and overall more inexpensive. Becoming a medical marijuana patient opens the door to good prices on healthier, and hopefully less moldy, options. 

Healthy Marijuana Products are Still Taxed More For Recreational Patients. 

Illinois is weird. Healthier marijuana products generally have a higher ‘adjusted THC concentration,’ and are taxed at higher rates. When you’re a medical patient, that tax burden goes away, so you can use healthier products, like edibles and topicals, without the high price tag. It’s another great reason to become a medical patient 

Increasing Your Marijuana Allotment Is Easier 

Nowadays, we can process patients’ allotment increases online. We can even increase allotments for people certified by other doctors! Green Mind Physicians has the technical know-how to make sure your allotment increase is accepted by the state. Our doctors are all experts in marijuana, and we’re happy to talk to you about healthy ways to use cannabis. Many of the products that are healthier, like concentrated edibles and topicals, require a larger part of your allotment!

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