Perks of Getting a Medical Card in Michigan

Hello! Dr. Wong here. We are continuing our state-by-state look at why, exactly, it is beneficial for a person to get their medical card in various states. Today we’re covering the great state of Michigan! Dr. Lee went to residency there, but we won’t hold it against them.

  1. COVID Safety– First and foremost on everyone’s mind is how to stay safe during the pandemic. Michigan, like other states we’ve covered, allows curbside pickup for cannabis to prevent medical patients from entering enclosed dispensaries. Unlike other states, Michigan has also allowed delivery, which is awesome! Medical patients also enjoy expanded hours and early access to the medication that they need from dispensaries that serve both medical and recreational patients.

  2. Telemedicine– Michigan has also authorized telemedicine, allowing for a safe and easy interaction between physician and patient. In Michigan, only certain physicians that are registered with the state can complete marijuana paperwork- and many primary care physicians are not! Green Mind has an easy, efficient system to connect with a registered physician in Michigan.

  3. Limited Recreational Options– We applaud Michigan’s efforts to limit recreational permits in order to promote local interests! However, the delay has taken its toll on consumers- there aren’t a lot of reliable options for recreational marijuana users yet!

  4. Financial Incentive– Patients in Michigan will save 10% on sales tax as the state excise tax applies only to recreational purchases. While recreational purchases have at minimum 16% sales tax (and more in certain areas), medical purchases remain a cool 6%. If you purchase a certain amount of cannabis a year, the license pays for itself! Michigan is also one of the cheapest states to get your card in! It costs Michiganders a slim $40 to apply for a medical card.

  5. Medical Availability in Other States– Reciprocity for medical card holders exists, and in states like Ohio or New York that are medical-only, you’ll need a medical card to purchase medication if you are out-of-state. Michigan has one of the older, and stronger, medical cards, meaning that it is recognized in many other states.

  6. Growing Plants– Caretakers and patients in Michigan can grow up to 12 plants! Now that Michigan is recreational as well, this might not seem like a big deal, but patients can designate a caretaker, such as an employee at a professional grow, to grow for them, and growers can grow for six patients! A good grower can develop unique plants for interested patients.