How to Get Your
Medical Marijuana Card

Certify for Medical Marijuana in Missouri

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in Missouri state, you need a valid certification from a registered provider.

With our telemedicine portal, it has never been easier to qualify for your medical card. Simply make a convenient appointment to meet with one of our licensed Missouri medical marijuana doctors online.

At the end of your virtual visit, you get a medical provider’s certification that will allow you to purchase medical marijuana.

Prices start at $99. Included in your appointment you’ll receive life-time marijuana support. Best of all…

 Get approved or your money back!


Step 1 : Get Ready

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Ready to Talk to a Doctor?

Step 2 : Meet Your Doctor

  • Attend your appointment through a secure link to our HIPAA safe platform
  • Discuss your health issues with a certified Missouri doctor
  • Learn about medical marijuana treatment
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Step 3 : Receive Your Certification

  • After your appointment, you’ll be emailed a pdf and some information! 
  • Review your certification and let us know if any changes need to be made. We will work with you to make sure the job is done correctly. 

Step 4: Visit a Dispensary


  • After your appointment, you will complete your application with the state of Missouri 
  • You will eventually receive a plastic patient card from the state
  • Receive lifetime marijuana support from Green Mind!
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Benefits of Getting a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card

  • It’s the only legal way to use marijuana in Missouri
  • Job security for marijuana users
  • Grow your own medication
  • Recreational cannabis will not be around in Missouri for many years
List of Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card


  • A valid government-issued ID
  • Age over 18
  • A Virginia address (required for paperwork)
  • Valid certification from a registered provider for marijuana use (that’s what we give you!)
  • A phone or electronic device for your telemedicine appointment

It’s just $125 for a New Patient Medical Marijuana evaluation! If you’re renewing, we charge $99 for renewal appointments in Missouri. 

You’ll also receive lifetime marijuana-related support from us. If you’re a newer patient, it’s a great opportunity to follow up with a knowledgeable provider. 

If you have proof of limited income (such as SNAP, Medicaid, or unemployment benefits, let us know! Email us at and we’ll try to work with you on the price. 

In Virginia, a wide range of medical conditions may qualify a patient for marijuana treatment, including:

  • Cancer
  • Chronic Pain that does not respond to traditional treatments, or where opioids may be used.
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – moderate to severe
  • Technically, a physician may be able to recommend cannabis for any condition they deem suitable!
  • You will typically receive your written certification from your Virginia doctor within 1 business day. As of July 1, 2022, Virginia doesn’t have an application process. Taking your doctor certification and ID to a dispensary will allow you to shop!
  • There is an optional process to obtain a plastic registry card from the state. You apply here.

No- you can’t cross state lines or travel with marijuana products. Being a medical patient doesn’t change that!

You can grow up to four marijuana plants, even without a medical card. Getting your medical card doesn’t change the number of plants you’re legally allowed to grow. 

About Medical Marijuana in Missouri

You can legally possess cannabis so long as they hold a valid written certification issued by a licensed practitioner for treatment or to alleviate the symptoms of the person’s diagnosed condition or disease.

Recreational cannabis is legal in Virginia, the only way to legally obtain it is to grow it yourself since no recreational dispensaries are expected to open until 2024. So hang on to that medical card! Recreational participants will also pay about 20% more in taxes at the register.

After July 1, 2022, Virginia residents will no longer be required to register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy for their medical marijuana cards. Instead, their doctor’s recommendation will serve as their proof of medical status. You’ll be able to shop at a dispensary as soon as you have your doctor’s pdf! 

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Virginia

You’ll need to get a written certification from your doctor, which is good for 12 months. 

Optionally, you can apply for a plastic medical card through the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. It takes a few months and costs $50, and at this point, it’s completely optional. 

You start by completing an online registration. You’ll need to fax, email or mail the following documents to the department at:

Virginia Board of Pharmacy Perimeter Center
9960 Mayland Drive,
Suite 300 Henrico, VA 23233-1463
Fax: (804) 527-4472

* The qualifying patient’s birth certificate or other government-issued ID,
* Proof of the qualifying patient’s residency in Virginia either with government-issued ID or a tax receipt,
* A copy of the qualified patients physician certification

The most common way to show this information is to send in a copy of the qualified patient’s Driver’s License or State ID and their physician certification. The other documents become necessary with the qualified patient does not have a Driver’s License or State ID.

The state will then process your ID within about 7-10 days and mail your registration, if you’re approved, to the mailing address provided on the application.


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