How to Get Your
Medical Marijuana Card

Certify for Medical Marijuana in Oregon

To get a medical marijuana card in Oregon state, you need a physician’s letter of recommendation.

With our telemedicine portal, it has never been easier to get your medical card. Simply make a convenient appointment to meet with one of our licensed Oregon medical marijuana doctors online. We’ve certified hundreds of patients with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

At the end of your virtual visit, you get a completed Physician’s Certification and instructions on how to submit your application.

Prices start at $99. Included in your payment, you’ll receive help with your application and life-time marijuana support. Best of all…

 Get approved or your money back!


Step 1 : Get Ready

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Step 2 : Meet Your Doctor

  • Login to wifi using your smartphone or other device. Attend your appointment on our HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Discuss your health issues with a certified MMJ doctor
  • Learn about medical marijuana treatment
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Step 3 : Receive Your Certification

  • After your appointment, you’ll be emailed a pdf and some information on how to apply to the state
  • Review your certification and let us know if any changes need to be made. We will work with you to make sure the job is done correctly

Step 4: Get Your Medical Card

  • Use the doctor’s certification you received to submit Your Oregon application
  • Most of the time, you’ll get a temporary patient card on the same day
  • Receive lifetime marijuana support from Green Mind!
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Benefits of Getting an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card

  • Save on medication. Being a medical marijuana patient helps you save money in taxes
  • Job security for marijuana users. We’re happy to fill out any HR form if necessary!
  • Medical patients have improved access to marijuana products. This is especially true for products that are hard to find, like topical products or RSO
  • Grow your own medication
List of Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card


  • Valid government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license, tribal ID card)
  • Recommendation from a physician for marijuana use (that’s what we give you!)
  • Proof of Oregon Residency
  • A phone or electronic device for your telemedicine appointment
  • $125 for a New Patient Medical Marijuana evaluation. You will also receive lifetime marijuana support from us, including free follow-up consultation.

    • If you have proof of limited income, such as SNAP, Medicaid, or unemployment, let us know! We can usually work with you on the price. 

  • $99 for a Renewing Medical Marijuana evaluation. 
  • After you receive your attending physician’s statement from Green Mind, you will apply to Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. They charge $200, although some discounts apply. State fees are reduced to $60 for patients with SNAP, $50 for OHP patients, and $20 for veterans or for patients with SSI. The state waives this fee for patients on total disability. 

  • As soon as a completed application is received, the state of Oregon will issue a receipt letter, that is essentially the same as a patient registry card. Complete applications are often given this temporary, 30-day approval, on the same day!
  • If necessary, the state will issue a letter requesting corrections. Patients have 14 days to respond to this request.

About Medical Marijuana in Oregon

The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program came about after Ballot Measure 67 in 1998, with over 54% of voters supporting the measure. The passage of the ballot initiative made Oregon the second state to pass medical cannabis laws after California was the first to do so in 1996.

The law augmented previous rules, allowing growing, possession and consumption of cannabis for medical purposes if recommended by a doctor. Attempts to expand the program have occurred. Notably, in 2004, another ballot initiative aimed to increase patient possession maximums to a total of six pounds. The ballot question failed to pass.

Another medical cannabis-focused ballot initiative was introduced in 2010, with a focus on revamping several areas of the market. The initiative aimed to allow dispensaries to sell medical marijuana to patients, provide assistance to low-income individuals, and regulate additional areas of the market, including licensing and research.

The medical market has continued to see its patient number dwindle over the years. The trend is rather common in states where adult use legislation is enacted. Recreational use often takes a significant chunk out of medical enrollment due to its ease of access and lacking of licensing hurdles to clear.

In recent years, efforts have been discussed to revive the medical market’s prominence, but no concrete plans have emerged as of yet.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon

Getting a medical marijuana card in Oregon is a fairly straightforward process: ‍ 1) Find out if you have a qualifying condition. Oregon’s MMJ qualifying conditions list is a little smaller than most other states. You can find this list of qualifying conditions in the FAQ section below. ‍ 2) In addition to having a qualifying condition, make sure you qualify to be a medical marijuana patient in Oregon. You must be a resident of the state, with proof of residency such as an Oregon-issued driver’s license or ID. ‍ 3) See an Oregon licensed MD or DO to get an Attending Physician’s Statement. This document will verify that you have one of the qualifying conditions and need medical marijuana to treat it. ‍ 4) Complete your OMMP medical marijuana patient application. It’s best to do this online due to COVID. ‍ 5) Pay your fee. Oregon’s fee for a medical marijuana card is $200 for most applicants, but those on food stamps pay only $60, and those on Oregon Health Plan pay only $50. Veterans with proof of service pay only $20 for their card. ‍ From there, you simply have to wait to receive your card from the state. They have up to 30 days to process your application, but if your application is incomplete, they’ll usually send notice of this within 14 days.


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