How to Get Your
Medical Marijuana Card

Certify for Medical Marijuana in West Virginia

To qualify for a medical marijuana card in West Virginia, you need a valid certification from a registered provider.

With our telemedicine portal, it has never been easier to qualify for your medical card. Simply make a convenient appointment to meet with one of our licensed Virginia medical marijuana doctors online. Login for your appointment and get access to a dispensary on the same day!

At the end of your virtual visit, you get a medical provider’s certification that will allow you to purchase medical marijuana.

Appointments start at $95. Included in your appointment you’ll receive life-time marijuana support. Best of all…

 Get approved or your money back!


Step 1 : Get Ready

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Ready to Talk to a Doctor?

Step 2 : Meet Your Doctor

  • Login to wifi or using your phone’s cellular connection to your appointment on our HIPAA-safe platform
  • Discuss your health issues with a provider registered with the medical program in Virginia
  • Learn about medical marijuana treatment
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Step 3 : Receive Your Certification

  • After your appointment, you’ll be emailed a pdf and some information! 
  • Review your certification and let us know if any changes need to be made. We will work with you to make sure the job is done correctly. 

Step 4: Complete the Process


  • After your appointment, you will complete your application with the state
  • Once approved, you can download a digital copy of your card from the state website. The approval process takes 30-60 days, and the card is valid for one year.
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Benefits of Getting a West Virginia Medical Marijuana Card

  • It’s the only legal way to use marijuana in West Virginia
  • Improved access to marijuana products. Order online, and cut the line
List of Reasons to Get a Medical Marijuana Card


  • A valid government-issued ID
  • Age over 18
  • A Virginia address (required for paperwork)
  • Valid certification from a registered provider for marijuana use (that’s what we give you!)
  • A phone or electronic device for your telemedicine appointment

It’s just $105 for a New Patient Medical Marijuana evaluation! 

You’ll also receive lifetime marijuana-related support from us. If you’re a newer patient, it’s a great opportunity to follow up with a knowledgeable provider. 

If you’re renewing, we charge $95 for renewal appointments in Virginia. 

If you have proof of limited income (such as SNAP, Medicaid, or unemployment benefits, let us know! Email us at and we’ll try to work with you on the price. 

There’s no longer a cost to register with the state of Virginia! 

In West Virginia, a wide range of medical conditions may qualify a patient for marijuana treatment, including:

  •  AIDS 
  • Cancer 
  • Chronic Pain 
  • Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Obesity)
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Neuropathy
  • Palliative Care
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Seizures
  • You will typically receive your written certification from your West Virginia doctor within 1 business day.
  • You’ll apply online through the state to receive your medical card, and this process can take 30 days. 

No- you can’t cross state lines or travel with marijuana products. Being a medical patient doesn’t change that!

At the moment, growing marijuana is still illegal in West Virginia, even for medical patients

Yes, medical marijuana patients in West Virginia can have a caregiver. There are three types of caregivers:

  1. Designated by a patient or, if the patient is under 18 years of age, an individual that is a parent or legal guardian of the patient, or
  2. An individual designated by a patient or legal guardian, or
  3. An appropriate individual approved by the Bureau upon sufficient showing that no parent or legal guardian is appropriate or available.

There is a caregiver form which must be filled out and notarized. It is then submitted alongside the patient’s application form. A patient can have 2 caregivers. Caregivers must be 21 years old. Caregivers must not have been convicted a drug felonies within the past 5 years.

More About Cannabis in West Virginia

Medical marijuana was legalized in West Virginia by legislative action in April 2017. State Senate Bill 386 was signed into law by Governor Jim Justice and later amended by SB 1037, HB 2568, and SB 339.

Originally, the Act only allowed topicals, oils and pills, but SB 339 legalized the plant form of cannabis as well. Smoking flower has not been legalized, but patients can legally vaporize it, nebulize it, or use the flower to make their own edibles. 

Medical marijuana patients are allowed to purchase and possess up to a 30-day supply of cannabis according to their doctor’s recommendation. Patients and caregivers can’t grow their own supply, but they can purchase cannabis as supply allows.

Originally, the state’s medical marijuana law only allowed 30 dispensaries.  SB 1037 upped this total to 100 dispensaries, so more will be opening this year as they qualify. For now, patients can purchase cannabis at one of the 26 dispensary locations across the state.


How to Become a Cannabis Caregiver in West Virginia

A caregiver must be designated by the patient using the West Virginia Caregiver Designation Form.  Caregivers must be at least 21 years old, although the OMC has the latitude to make exceptions in extremely rare circumstances. If the patient is under the age of 18, their parent or guardian must serve as the caregiver unless it can be demonstrated that “no parent or legal guardian is appropriate or available.”

Once designated by the patient or their legal guardian, the caregiver must submit their patient-caregiver application online, pay the $50 application fee, and submit a criminal history background check. The $50 fee can be waived if the caregiver can demonstrate financial hardship.

The background check will be submitted to the FBI, with the results only used to determine the applicant’s suitability to serve as a caregiver. The Bureau will also look at the caregiver’s history in the prescription drug monitoring program. The application will be denied if the designated caregiver has a history of felony possession or sale of controlled substances or drug-related conspiracy. They may also deny caregivers’ applications with a history of drug abuse or diversion of controlled substances.


How to Renew Your Medical Cannabis Card in West Virginia

The renewal process is just as straightforward as your initial registration. Simply see your doctor, get your certification, and upload it on the state’s registration portal with your renewal. The price for your renewal is the same as for your initial application. 

You should start your renewal at least 30 days before your card expiration date to avoid gaps in qualification. But remember that the date on your certification should be no more than 30 days before you apply. In other words, don’t sit on your certification for 31 days and then submit your renewal application because the state will make you update your certification with your doctor again. 


West Virginia Marijuana Laws and Regulations

  • West Virginia only allows certified medical marijuana patients to use cannabis in the state. 
  • Patients are allowed to possess up to a 30-day supply of cannabis as defined by their physician. 
  • West Virginia now allows the sale of cannabis flower. You can find products available from every common type of administration method, including oral, topical, suppositories and inhaled flower.
  • It’s not legal to use cannabis in public or in your car in West Virginia, so you should keep your cannabis at home and keep it in a locked glove box or your trunk when transporting it home.