Medical Marijuana in Texas- 2023 Update

Medical Marijuana in Texas, 2023 Update

Dr Lee here! Reporting on some changes in the medical marijuana landscape in Texas. It’s becoming a very decent state to be a medical patient in!


The History of Medical Marijuana in Texas

Like many states, Texas started out by offering a low THC medical program. The Compassionate Use Registry of Texas (CURT), or Texas’s medical marijuana program, was started as a low THC program in 2015. It was expanded to include additional medical conditions in 2019, but the addition of several key qualifying conditions in 2021 really increased interest in the Texas program.

Texas is a massive state. It started out with 3 dispensaries! Crazy to think about. We’re up to a few dozen at this point, and access to medication is better than ever. I would still describe Texas as a very underserved state (in regards to marijuana access) with a bright future.

2022 saw even more changes! A number of cities and municipalities passed clear laws decriminalizing marijuana possession. Texas is becoming a great state to become a medical patient in. Voters in Austin and other cities passed measures protecting marijuana patients.


How Do I Become a Medical Marijuana Patient in Texas?

Texas used to be a difficult state for us to certify patients in. It used to take a really long time and the state website was terrible. These days, it’s pretty efficient to become a medical patient in Texas.

Prospective patients need to find a doctor registered with CURT in order to certify patients. After a telemedicine appointment, your doctor will add you to the state’s list.

Texas is actually calling patients after they become registered officially- it usually takes two days or so. Once you get the call, you can shop at one of Texas’s many new dispensaries.

Green Mind patients have reported that sometimes, they’ll have to call into a dispensary to verify their registration. We will work with you to ensure that the job is completely done.


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