Virginia Has Improved Access to Medical Marijuana!

Medical Marijuana Patients in Virginia Don’t Have to Register with the State

Dr Lee

I’ve worked with marijuana in a lot of states over the years and things have really changed! There was a time I had to notorize and fingerprint people. Here in 2022, patients in Virginia can receive a pdf, and bring it to the dispensary. That’s amazing!

The state of Virginia has changed their rules to allow patients to skip registration with the Board of Pharmacy. These changes took place on July 1, 2022!

Seeing a doctor is sometimes only half the battle with medical marijuana certification. Our business has always provided assistance to patients trying to complete the process (we’ll even do the paperwork for you in many of our states if you want!) It’s always confusing!

In Virginia, patients can sometimes wait months for their applications to get approved. This is an incredible step towards marijuana access in a state with a growing industry. I think it’s great!

Virginia Rules for Marijuana Possession Have Also Changed!

On the flip side, the same July 1 rules made possession of more than 4 ounces of marijuana to be a possible criminal misdemeanor.

For people that use edibles, that’s not that much!

Get Certified Today With Green Mind Physicians

We’re offering great prices for initial certifications with an even better price for patients getting a renewal. Get certified today! You could be at a dispensary getting medication later this evening.

Oh how the times have changed! Nice job, Virginia!