Why Should I Get My Medical Card in Oregon?

We are continuing our state-by-state look at the benefits of being a medical card-holder in each state. We are focusing on the beautiful state of Oregon this week! If you ignore the fact that Dr. Do and Dr. Raneiro live in Oregon, it is certainly one of the finest states in our country.

  1. Telemedicine is legal now! One of the most important considerations- telemedicine drastically increases the availability and access of patients to providers that certify for cannabis. Most state statutes are designed to expire at some point, but we hope that these laws are kept in place.

  2. Improved access and safety- These days, COVID-19 is on everyone’s mind. Oregon has made special rules to improve safety for medical patients. Medical patients don’t need to pay to have a caretaker appointed to acquire cannabis for them- allowing them to designate a friend or family member as their caregiver, and stay safely at home. Medical patients typically enjoy expanded hours and improved selection in comparison to recreational peers. Curbside pickup is now available as well.

  3. Discounts- Oregon is offering numerous groups of patients discounts on their medical cards. Check them out here.

  4. Tax Benefits- Medical patients don’t pay tax on purchases. A recreational marijuana user pays a 17% excise tax and a 3% local sales tax in addition to any other city- or county- applicable taxes. Medical patients don’t pay any! Depending on how much cannabis you buy each year, it’s possible to recoup the amount you spend in taxes alone.

  5. Medical Availability in Other States- Reciprocity for medical card holders exists, and in states like Montana or New York that are medical-only, you’ll need a medical card to purchase medication if you are out-of-state. Oregon has one of the oldest, and most established medical cards!

  6. Cultivation Options- One of the coolest things in established markets like Oregon is the ability to either grow cannabis, or designate someone else to grow cannabis for you. You can pay a fee to a grower for them to specially grow a specific strain of marijuana! Medical patients in Oregon enjoy one of the highest number of plants per person in the United States- Six mature plants; 12 immature plants that are taller than 24 inches, or 61 centimeters, and 36 immature plants that are shorter than 24 inches, or 61 centimeters. Compare this with what a rec consumer is legally allowed to possess- 4 immature plants. This is pretty unique to Oregon!